Member Projects

John Roberts’ Skyotë Project

John has been innovating many exciting new ideas to make building a Skyotë a bit easier, to include CAD/CAM designed and water-jet cut fittings, and prototyping the profiled steel tubing sets with Cartesian Tube (formerly VR3).  John initially developed a Jabiru 3300 engine installation for his Skyotë, but has subsequently abandoned that effort in favor of an O-200.  In addition, he has an excellent blog site featuring his Skyotë project.  The site offers any prospective or current Skyotë builder a great look at his approach to the project, and demonstrates the fine level of his craftsmanship to date. Click on the title above to visit John’s blog.

Bill Brink Project featured in Lompoc Record

Bill Brink’s Skyotye project was featured in an article written by Allie Kay Spaulding for the March 8, 2008 issue of the Lompoc Record.  Click on the link above to for a PDF of the article.

Mike Kukulski’s SkyotëWerks

Mike has developed a blog site to chronicle the construction of his Skyotë, serial #73.  Mike is considering the Rotec R-2800 radial engine to power his aircraft, but is retaining the option to fall back on the faithful O-200.  Click on the title link above to visit Mike’s blog.

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