Skyotë Resources & Links

Skyote Parts and Pieces & Builders’ Assistance

Otto E. “Pete” Bartoe - Designer of the Skyotë

    Skyotë Aeromarine Ltd

    P.O. Box 808

    Clark CO 80428

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co - Skyotë Plans, Parts, & Materials Kits

FlyTeam88 - Skyotë Builder Assistance

VR3 Engineering: cartesian tube technology - CNC-Profiled Steel Tubing Kits

Doane Precision Frames  < > - Exclusive distributor for Skyotë steel tubing kits (from VR3) & TIG-welded airframes

Pritchard Technologies - Skyotë Water-Jet Cut Spar Kits and Fittings Kits

Steen Aero Lab - Brunton’s Flying Wires

Vintage Aero - Auckland-based producer of Flying Wires and Tie Rods

Aircraft Parts, Materials, & Services

AeroElectric Connection - Aircraft Electrical Systems

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co

Airparts Inc

B&B Aircraft Supply - Phone 913-884-5930   Fax 913-884-6533

B&C Specialty Products, Inc - Lightweight Aircraft Electrical Systems

Beringer Brake Systems - Brakes and Wheels

Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co - Aircraft Wheels, Brakes and Axles

Wicks Aircraft Supply


Aircraft Tool Supply

Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co - Aircraft Tools

Cleaveland Aircraft Tools - Aircraft Tools and Parts

Klassic Tool Crib

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool - Metalworking Tools

Pan American Tool Corporation

TM Technologies - Metalworking Tools

The Yard Store - Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools


Jabiru Aircraft & Engines - Jabiru 2200 (85 hp) and 3300 (120 hp) Engines

Lycoming Textron - O-235 (115-125 hp) Engines

Parma Technik - Mikron IIIC (75 hp) Inline Engines

Teledyne Continental Motors - Factory O-200 (100 hp,) O-240 (125 hp) Engines

Rotec Engineering Pty Ltd - R2800 7-cylinder (110 hp) Radial Engines

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