What is a Skyotë?

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Skyote N 9297S David Novak N2285 Manley Road Hortonville WI 54944 Bruce Moore photo pilot in Cessna 210 Shot between Hortonville and Lake Poygan. Clear skies.


The Skyotë is a single-place homebuilt biplane aircraft designed by Mr. Otto E. "Pete" Bartoe. It is stressed for up to intermediate-level competition aerobatics, and combines the look of the classic Rose Parakeet with the handling and agility of the Bucker Jungmeister. While originally designed for production, it has only been made available as an experimental homebuilt aircraft. While Mr Bartoe and Skyotë Aeromarine Ltd have periodically offered wing rib and spar kits in the past, interested parties should contact Skyotë Aeromotive Ltd to determine availability.  Plans were withdrawn from the market on 19 Oct 2011; until that date they were available for purchase for $595. Prospective Skyotë builders should contact Mr Bartoe directly at Skyotë Aeromotive Ltd with further inquiries or for the $5 information kit, which included the contract agreement required to purchase the plans.

Skyotë Aeromarine Ltd

P.O. Box 808

Clark CO 80428

Click HERE to learn more about the Skyotë's designer, Mr O.E. "Pete" Bartoe.  In addition to the Skyotë, the Ball-Bartoe JW-1 Jetwing testbed aircraft he designed and built in the late 1970’s is also indicative of his highly innovative thinking - a Sept  2002 article from Aviation History magazine details this interesting aircraft.

Skyotë Aeromarine has published a brochure describing the Skyotë biplane, posted below with their permission. Click on the picture below to view a PDF file of the brochure.


The article below, written by Howard Levy for the September 1986 issue of Kitplanes magazine, provides a short background and description of the Skyotë biplane.  Click on the thumbnail below to see a PDF file of the article.


The next article, from the May 1979 issue of Air Progress, posted with the permission of author Budd Davisson, discusses the concept behind the Skyotë design and provides his assessment of the Skyotë’s flying and handling qualities.  Click on the thumbnail to view the article.

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The following two articles are posted with permission from EAA, they are also PDF files -- just click on the thumbnail to view each article.

December 1976 Sport Aviation article,  “Pilot Report on the fully Aerobatic Skyote single-seat biplane,” written by Bob A. Hoover.

SA 1976.jpg

September 1979 Sport Aviation article, “Duane Burnett’s Skyote,” written by Duane L. Burnett.

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